Jacco Meijer

Business market webshop for KPN

Develop a new omni channel webshop for KPN business market.

Onboard a large team fully online

Challenging project of nine months in a large team for KPN. Technically very diverse and interesting to onboard a large team fully online during the first year of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Tekening van Rome

―Romé van Grinsven, Frontend Developer

"As a javascript dev I worked alongside Jacco at KPN. I particularly liked how Jacco keeps overview. He is able to break up complex tasks into simple tasks and communicates this clearly. Our sparring sessions kept both our coding skills up to date. Overall, I enjoyed working together!"

Tekening van Diego

―Diego Chavez, Sr. Software Engineer

"Jacco is a talented and enthusiastic developer. He is proactive and definitely a great leader, that takes ownership of the projects. He has a strong knowledge of software architecture and infrastructure, that been said he is a great contributor to any type of project to reach mature levels and grow.

He shared with the team a lot of knowledge on creating standardized processes, using Vue and Nuxt, Storybook also created a space for clarity on the process of bringing designs to real applications.

Jacco is a passionate software developer you can just check his GitHub projects and will have a glimpse of his great skills.

I recommend Jacco for projects that want to excel, he is always looking for creating good documentation and a clean codebase, improving, and create highly reusable code."

Tekening van Martijn

―Martijn de Way, Digital Strategy Consultant

"As a PO I worked together with Jacco at KPN. In this time Jacco showed he was capable of raising the level of development. He introduced atomic design and delivered excellent quality. He is keen to challenge the status-quo and is always looking for ways to improve, both in process as technology. Jacco is equipped with years of experience and has ideas on how to handle every challenge we faced him with. He is very knowledgeable and knows the newest developments in the IT landscape. He is a great addition to a team and always ready to help and bring in new ideas."

Tekening van Kay

―Kay Waardenburg, Scrum Master

"As a Scrum master I worked with Jacco during the first and second wave of Covid at KPN. He was of essential value to the project as a developer. Moreover, in the remote working situation he showed his skill in self-organising and independent thinking on Agile approaches in addition to the technical solutions he provided in this greenfield project!"


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Business market webshop for KPN

Develop a new omni channel webshop for KPN business market.

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