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Javascript history

In 1986 David Ungar and Randall B. Smith developed Self at Xerox PARC. Inspired by Java, Scheme and Self Brendan Eich created Javascript in 1995.

1986 - Self and Mocha

  • in 1986 David Ungar and Randall B. Smith developed Self at Xerox PARC

  • in 1995 Brendan Eich was hired to develops Mocha for Netscape. He was inspired by Java, Scheme and Self

1991-1996 - Web 1.0

  • 1991: Web 1.0

  • 1995: Microsoft releases MSIE 1.0 with VBScript

  • 1995: Sun buys Netscape and renames Mocha/LiveScript to Javascript for making it the perfect companion for Sun's Java

  • 1996: Microsoft releases MSIE 3.0 with JScript.NET

  • 1996: Netscape's JavaScript engine SpiderMonkey

  • 1996: Javascript starts as ECMA (since 1961) standard

1997-1999 - ECMAScript

  • 1997: Release of ES1

  • 1998: Release of ES2

  • 1999: Release of ES3

2000-2008 - Abandoned ES4

  • 2000: Start of ES4 (never released)

  • 2000: Adobe releases Flash 5 with ActionScript (=ES4 draft)

  • 2000: Open extension JSON emerges as a subset of JavaScript

  • 2004: Web 2.0

  • 2004: Release of E4X extension (ECMAScript for XML)

  • 2005: AJAX and XMLHttpRequest emerge

  • 2006: Release of jQuery

  • 2007: Microsoft releases SilverLight

  • 2008: Microsoft kills 8 years of ES4

2008-2009 - ES3.1 and ES5

  • 2008: Start development of ES3.1 (later named ES5)

  • 2008: Google releases Chrome and V8 JavaScript engine

  • 2009: Release of ES3.1/ES5

2009 - NodeJs

  • Google announces Golang

  • Release of NodeJs (using V8 JavaScript engine)

  • Mozilla releases ServerJS (later renamed to CommonJS)

2010 - NPM, Express and AngularJs

  • Release of NPM

  • Release of Express

  • Release of AngularJs

2011 - EmberJs

  • Release of NPM v1

  • Release of EmberJs

2012 - Typescript and Golang

  • Microsoft releases Typescript v0.8

  • Google releases Golang

2013 - React

  • Release of Browserify

  • Release of ReactJs

2014 - VueJs, Babel and Webpack

  • Release of VueJs

  • Release of Babel

  • Release of Webpack

  • Release of Google Traceur compiler v0.0.10

  • NPM grows to over 50.000 modules
    - 2015: Release of ES6/ES2015, with all draft ES4 features except types (15 years after ES4 draft)

2015 - RollupJs

  • Release of RollupJs v0.3.1

  • Release of NodeJs v4 (v1/v2/v3 do not exist)

2016 - Yarn

  • Microsoft releases Typescript v2

  • ES2016 (async/await)

  • Release of Yarn with workspaces

  • Release of Node v6

2017 - Parcel

  • ES2017 (Object.values/Object.entries)

  • HTTP/2

  • Chrome 61 with native support for JavaScript modules

  • Release of Parcel

2018 - Deno announced

  • Release of Node v8

  • ES2018 (Promise.finally)

  • Release of RollupJs v1.0

  • Release of Node v10/v11 (experimental ESM)

  • Microsoft releases Typescript v3

  • Ryan Dahl announces Deno

2019 - Experimental ESM in NodeJs

  • ES2019 (Array.sort/Array.flat/Array.flatMap)

  • Release of Node v12/v13 (experimental ESM)

  • Release of Lerna v1.0 for handling monorepo's

2020 - Deno v1

  • ES2020

  • Release of Node v14/v15 (stable ESM in v15)

  • Microsoft releases Typescript v4

  • Deno v1

2021 - NPM v7 with workspaces

  • NPM v7 with workspaces

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Javascript history

In 1986 David Ungar and Randall B. Smith developed Self at Xerox PARC. Inspired by Java, Scheme and Self Brendan Eich created Javascript in 1995.

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